DUSD Automotive Technology Careers – Trinidad Linares and Joe Mulleary

What’s an auto mechanic in modern society—probably one of the most important people in our car-dependent lives and economy. Increasingly, automotive professionals  who diagnose both simple and complicated  engine troubles, specialize in technologically advanced systems,  and keep our vehicles running for many more miles than we previously thought possible, are becoming scarce. Industry experts point to upheavals that began with dealership closures during the Great Recession and an exodus of retiring technicians. Now the race is on to fill a massive demand for the next generation of automotive tech-trainees who will earn six-figure salaries keeping electric, hybrid and alternative-fueled vehicles in service. My guests on this episode of Future Groove are longtime auto specialists-turned educators. We discuss Downey’s new and growing automotive technologies program for high school students, and examine the many avenues to certification and college degrees in the field—all leading to high-wage jobs.

Show Notes:

Cerritos College Automotive Careers InstituteDowney Unified School District

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