Audiovisual Technologies Careers – Sean Glumace and Joseph Valerio

It’s a multibillion-dollar industry you’ve probably never heard of, and a severe talent shortage means great opportunities for training and high-paying jobs. As the first high school students learn audiovisual skills, an international trade group envisions bright futures for youth. This spring, Downey seniors are preparing to launch into the world of next-gen content sharing. From engineering and installing stadium sound systems and large-screen tech to programming inventive user experiences, my guests on this episode of Future Groove explain why big careers are in store.

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2CPR Group, 2CPR Group co-founders Angela Allison and Sean Glumace are passionate about providing services that help people find, thrive, and share in meaningful education and career opportunities. Sean Glumace can be reached at Sean at 2CPRGroup dot com.


  • AVIXA introduction to AV careers
  • list of careers (not as extensive as the AVIXA website

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